Ballet History and Now

stories for balletomanes by Holly Cao

Marie Taglioni and the history of Pointe

What is a pointe shoe, and where it came from

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My Dance Costume Experiences

The choosing of costumes plays an important part on the production of a dance show. Over the years, I have noticed a few styles of costumes that I used the most. I am sharing with you my thoughts about those... Continue Reading →

Fashion in Ballets Russes

How the costume designs of Ballets Russes changed European fashion world

Ballet Costume: The Tutus

All about the most iconic look in classical ballet

Balanchine’s Greek Trilogy

How ballet was transformed into the modern genres

George Balanchine

George Balanchine established the bases of neoclassic ballet

Diaghilev and Cubanism

The style of Diaghilev's company Ballets Russes and the artists who worked for the company

My Experience With Dance Improvisation

When I started to dance, I preferred improvisation to choreography. I found choreography¬†hard to remember and limited in the variations of movements. Remembering choreography was my biggest challenge during my early years of performances. I would get really stressed out... Continue Reading →

Improvisation and Music on Cecchetti’s Students

The Cecchetti method teaches dancers the artistry of dance by repetitions of movements. Although Cecchetti method was initially meant to instruct classical ballet, many Cecchetti organizations also included contemporary or modern improvisation in their syllabus. For example, Cecchetti Ballet Australia,... Continue Reading →

The Schools of Cecchetti

The Cecchetti Method is a style of ballet training popular in ballet schools around the world, most notably the Royal Ballet School in the UK and the Australia Ballet School.¬† Enrico Cecchetti was a famous Italian ballet instructor in the... Continue Reading →

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