The Cecchetti Method is a style of ballet training popular in ballet schools around the world, most notably the Royal Ballet School in the UK and the Australia Ballet SchoolEnrico Cecchetti was a famous Italian ballet instructor in the mid 19th century. His training method is known to have very specific instructions, demanding precise positioning of each part of the body. The result of this form of training is that ballerinas have a clean and precise style so that they can carry out their ways of movement natural to them without a lot of instructions from the choreographers. Cecchetti was known to teach many famous dancers such as Anna Pavlova and George Balanchine. He had also taught in many places around the world, and he changed his teaching style as he went to each place. This is why today different places have different definitions of Cecchetti method .

His training methods successfully gained many followers. To this day, many organizations around the world were established to advocate this classical method. Here are some of .Each of these organizations has their own ballet examinations with different standards.

Cecchetti Society of Canada

The Cecchetti Council of America 

Cecchetti USA Classical Ballet

Cecchetti Ballet Australia

Cicchetti International Classical Ballet

The Cecchetti Society of Southern Africa



Each of these organizations has slightly different training styles and exams. In general, the lower grade Cecchetti exams focus on the coordination between the arms, the legs, the torso and the head; the upper grades pay more attention to the quality of movement and how well dancers are able to synchronize with the music. It is interesting to note that some exams contain an improvisation section. This is because the Cecchetti exercises used during training are so specific, that dancing become their instinct. Also in Cecchetti method, dancers are encouraged to use their natural (rather than forced) turnout. The training focuses on fast movements of the feet and encourages dancers to think about the relationships between the arms, the head, the legs and the feet.

Because Cecchetti method is very demanding of the discipline of training, taking the exams is a good way for the dancers to attain goals and mark their achievements for ballerinas who want to go professional. The examinations usually contain various sections such as theory questions and exercises such as barre work, center work, adages, enchainments[1]. Most of them have different levels with specific requirements for age and length of training.

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