This is Apollo Musagete (Apollo and the muses), a ballet piece that George Balanchine composed in Diaghilev’s Ballet Russes company in 1928 Paris. The music was composed by Igor Stravinsky. It is the original neoclassic ballet that was created. Unlike the classical ballets, it has simpler costumes and movements.

This is a clip of The Rite of Spring, a highly controversial piece of ballet produced by Sergei Diaghilev and his Ballets Russes company in 1913, stared by Vaslav Nijinsky. It was performed in Paris with lots of riots on its premium. At that time, people were used to the beautiful and graceful classical ballet, yet this piece came across as exotic and overly theatrical.





This is some of the Cecchetti method training schedule. (there are supposed to be seven, but I only found four, please contact me if you have the other ones)

Lundi (Monday)

Cecchetti Lundi.jpg

Mercredi (Wednesday)

Cecchetti Mercredi .jpg

Vendredi (Friday)

Cecchetti Vendredi.jpg

Samedi (Saturday)

Cecchetti Samedi.jpg

(found on Instagram of daisylouwho216, check out her posts HERE)

This is Blue Bird, a pas deux in the Sleeping Beauty, created by Enrico Cecchetti. As you can see, the movements are very precise and sometimes fast. There are even defined facial expressions such as the eye expression at 2:50.





This is a video of the rehearsal of a contemporary ballet Anastasia in the Royal Ballet Company. As you can see, nowadays ballet had become quite theatrical, and the ideal physique of ballerinas had been more athletic in the upper body compared to the past.






This is a modern explanation and demonstration of Marie Taglioni‘s Romantic dance style. It belongs to a series of videos called Ballet Evolved created by the Royal Opera House.


The Filippo Taglioni version of La Sylphide (controversial because some say that it had been lost, making this version the August Bournonville remake, which would still be one of the oldest surviving ballets in the world from 1832). Taglioni performed it in 1822 which raised her to fame because of this new romantic style).


Marie Taglioni Book Cover.jpg

If you are interested in reading more about the life of Marie Taglioni, here is a nice kindle book that you can get from amazon.